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Yoga Classes


Using my fun, modern style of teaching, an inspiring fresh soundtrack and a sprinkle of insightful moments, let's find some space together - in body, breath and mind - to escape daily life for a while.

All levels of experience are welcome at my friendly yoga classes and you definitely don’t need to be flexible - can you breathe?!  Then you can do yoga!

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Nourish your body and soul with a delicious Vinyasa Flow yoga practice.  Wake up with my Morning Flow or stretch off your day with Evening Flow; whichever you choose you can be sure you'll get your whole body moving then feel heavenly as you're guided through a blissful Savasana.  Each class is set to my personally chosen soundtrack and uses our breath to connect the movement.  Suitable for all abilities.


This is a Vinyasa Flow style strengthening practice that focuses on our core, legs and/or upper body.  We'll use our own body weight to tone and challenge our bodies, whilst we feel inspired by the music and connect with our breath.  Each session is finished off with a well-earned, blissful Savasana.  Suitable for all abilities.



Join me for this slow, stretchy floor-based Yin practice where we'll hold the postures for longer and allow each beautiful stretch to target deep within our bodies.  My delicately curated soundtrack sets the tone, making this practice the perfect way to balance your more active yoga flows.

Suitable for all abilities.


Pause... press the reset button... and join me for a perfect moment of mindfulness.  Feel the good vibes wrap around you like the cosiest of blankets as I guide you to reconnect with your mind, body and soul.

No experience necessary.


"Loved yoga on Monday

- just what I needed to clear my head "

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Class Timetable


8.30pm Evening Flow

@ Green Hammerton village hall (60min total | £8.50)


6.30pm Strong Flow online (60min total | £5.50)




*NEW* 8.30pm Mid-Week Mindfulness

@ Ria's home & online (30min total | £5)



9.30am Morning Flow online (60min total | £5.50)

8.30pm Perfectly Yin online (60min total | £5.50)


Bespoke Coaching


My 1-2-1 sessions are tailored specifically for you, offering you tools and techniques to achieve your personal health and wellbeing goals – from improving strength and flexibility in the body, building a daily meditation practice, or learning breathwork techniques to help you de-stress.


From experience, I have found that a minimum of weekly sessions booked in blocks of 4 works best. This gives you continuity of practice, a way to be held accountable and time to build a new habit.  Sessions are 60 minutes long and are held at my home studio near York, North Yorkshire (online Zoom sessions can also be arranged) and cost £30 per hour, or £110 for 4 classes.  Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket.


These sessions also be booked as ‘semi-private’ yoga classes for 2 people. This still allows you the individual attention of a private class, but with the opportunity to practise with a family member, friend or partner.


If you’d like more information, or to schedule your sessions, please get in touch.

"Whatever level of yoga you're at

Ria will make you feel comfortable"

Corporate Wellness


Corporate wellness programs have become a proven way for forward-thinking companies to boost morale and productivity throughout the day.  Allowing your team to escape for as little as 30 minutes of yogic bliss could keep your employees fit, healthy & flexible in both body and mind.  After just a few classes, your team will notice reduced feelings of stress and fatigue, improved posture and physical wellness, higher productivity, concentration & happiness at work. 


Whether it's a morning flow to wake up inspired, a mid-afternoon therapeutic stretch or an after work wind down, or a workshop to learn breathwork and stress-management techniques, I will work with you to create a bespoke package that meets the needs of your company & your staff.


Get in touch today and to find out why so many businesses are turning to yoga and meditation for a healthier and more engaged workforce....


"Your online classes have been a wonderful lifeline for me during lockdown"

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If the Government guidelines change then amendments may need to be made at short notice to the class timetable - thank you for your understanding.