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Workplace Wellness

Wellbeing is key to keeping your employees motivated.

Corporate wellness programs have become a proven way for forward-thinking companies to boost morale and productivity throughout the day - allowing your team to escape for an hour of yogic bliss could keep your employees fit, healthy & flexible in both body and mind. After just a few classes, your team will notice reduced feelings of stress and fatigue, higher productivity, concentration & happiness at work, and improved posture and physical wellness.

Whether it's a morning flow to wake up inspired, a mid-afternoon therapeutic stretch or an after work wind down, I will work with you to create a program that meets the needs of your company & your staff.

Book your workplace yoga today and see for yourself why so many businesses are turning to yoga and meditation for a healthier and more engaged workforce....

"I truly believe that if you take care of your employees they will take care of your business"

Richard Branson

"Having a weekly yoga class with my team makes me feel like the company cares about my health"

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Yoga at work

Studies have shown that attending just one weekly yoga session increases overall effectiveness in the workplace and increases positivity in employee behaviour.  When you arrange to have yoga class at work, people become more accountable for their health meaning that you are likely to see a decrease absenteeism & sickness levels.  Practicing yoga frequently can help alleviate the pain and stress of a corporate lifestyle, giving time out and escapism from busy days and helping combat the head, neck, and back strain office work can create.  In addition to this, yoga has been shown to improve decision making and creativity, increase energy, mental alertness, focus & concentration, which means a happier and more effective workforce for you.

Providing yoga at work and caring for your employees makes you a very attractive employer.  You'll be able to optimise staff recruitment & retention at a relatively low cost.



You don't need a studio

You don't need a designated yoga space to be able to bring yoga to your workplace.  Your conference rooms, a training room or even a roof terrace or garden are all perfect for yoga - all we need is a space to lie down & stretch comfortably.  If your office is particularly short on room then your yoga classes can be adapted to accommodate chair yoga taken at your desk! 

If you would like to enjoy your yoga sessions remotely (live online), then all you'll need is a laptop or device that allows you to access Zoom and a personal space that's big enough for you to practice in.

All sessions are tailored to small or large groups, at a time and ability level that suits your needs.  Individual sessions for busy executives also available.  Please get in touch if you need a bespoke package.


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