I'm so pleased that you're here  and I'm excited to start your yogic journey with you... this is the perfect place to begin!  I pride myself on providing a friendly, nurturing yogic environment that's in no way intimidating - I remember what it was like to walk into my first yoga class!

Below I've tried to answer some of the questions most commonly asked by my new yogis, and give you an idea of where to start, but if you have something to ask please feel free to drop me a message.


The perfect place to start...

Enrol on my Back to Basics course or dive right in?

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If you'd like to feel more confident before stepping on to your mat, then why not enrol on my fantastic Back to Basics yoga course.  Available as both an in-person or online 6-week course, it really is fantastic for giving you that insider knowledge to take forward with you into any of my classes and the perfect way to start.



Fancy diving right in?

I have a wonderful timetable of in-person classes (in Green Hammerton) and online live-streamed classes via Zoom.  All abilities are very welcome and you can pay-as-you-go for each class or get unlimited with certain memberships.  CLICK HERE to see my membership options.

See you on your mat!

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"Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim.”



What style of yoga do you teach?

I teach a mix of Vinyasa Flow & Yin yoga styles, and pair them with an inspiring soundtrack.  I design my classes to appeal to mixed abilities, but would definitely recommend my Back to Basics course if you are just starting out or would like to learn more about your practice.

What is Vinyasa Flow yoga?

Answer text goes here about Vinyasa Flow yoga

What is Yin yoga?

Answer here about Yin yoga style...

Do I need my own yoga mat?

Yes, you will need to bring your own mat (and blanket for a cosy savasana - the relaxing part at the end) to each class you attend.  If you would like some help or advice choosing the right mat for you (there's lots out there!) then please feel free to get in touch, I'd be happy to help.

Can I just try one class?

Of course!  You can try out any of my classes on a pay-as-you-go basis however, the most cost-effective way to enjoy my classes - and lots of exclusive online content! - is with one of my Perfect Pose memberships. Check  them out HERE.

Do I need to book my place or can I just turn up for a class?

Before you come to any of my classes, either in-person or online, you will need to book your place.  You can easily book your place by clicking HERE or by using my free mobile app (CLICK HERE to download).

How much does a membership cost?

My memberships start at just £20 per month and they have some fantastic benefits.

CLICK HERE to view my current memberships.