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I've personally created these workshops and courses to help my students get the best out of their yoga practice and fall in love with the time on their mat even more.  Have you ever wondered why Warrior Pose is called that?  ...or do you just wish to be more confident on your mat? 

These are perfect for you!

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Next start date: 6:30pm on Wednesday 4th January 2023

Location:  Ria's home studio in Green Hammerton

 6x 1 hour sessions, weekly | For new and improving yogis | £63pp

Are you new to yoga? Returning to the mat after a break? Or perhaps you just want to deepen your understanding of the basics and improve your practice?  With this course you can become a confident yogi in just 6 weeks!

I have designed my Yoga Foundations 6-week course to be the perfect accompaniment (or starting point) to my vinyasa flow yoga classes.  

It is designed specifically to get you started in a flow style of yoga and provide a deeper understanding of practice & technique that will give you confidence in any yoga class you attend thereafter - enter the studio with your mat under your arm and your head held high!


This course will be taught in very small groups of 4 students in my home studio in Green Hammerton.  The sessions will therefore be very interactive.  


Course includes a FREE Handbook & completion certificate.

Week 1:
What is yoga?
- History
- The Yoga Sutra
- The language of yoga
- Yoga styles & benefits
Asanas part 1 - Savasana
- Techniques & posture
- Why?
- Savasana guided practice (10 mins)

Week 2:
​What are Sun Salutations?
- What are they and why should we practice them?
- Beginners Sun Salutation sequence explained
- Demonstration of what you are going to learn
Asanas part 2 - Downward-facing Dog
- Theory
- Demonstration
- Guided practice

Week 3:
- The power of breath
- Grounding/uplifting breath activity
- Ujjayi breath & how to integrate it with your yoga practice
- Ujjayi breath guided practice
Savasana practice with Ujjayi breath (10 mins)

Week 4:
Asanas part 3 - Mountain pose, Upward Salute, Standing Forward Fold, Halfway Lift
- Theory
- Demonstration
- Guided practice

Week 5:
Revisit Downward-Facing Dog
Asanas part 4 - High Plank, Cobra
- Theory
- Demonstration
- Guided practice

Week 6:
Transitions & how to connect poses for the Sun Salutation sequence
How to perform the Sun Salutation sequence with breath
Guided Sun Salutation practice with Savasana to finish (20 mins)


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