Hi there!

Please allow me to introduce myself - I'm Ria, a self-confessed crazy cat lady, excellent tea-maker, absolute yoga-holic & founder of Perfect Pose Yoga! 

Whether you’re a brand-new yogi or looking to get back into your practice, I would love you to join me for some wonderfully refreshing, yet traditionally respectful, modern yoga.  I feel so passionate about sharing the positive benefits that yoga can bring to you. Whether it’s simply becoming more aware of our thought patterns and breathing, or creating space in your day to move your body and wherever you are in your yoga journey I’m here to support you to practice what feels good.

I teach a mix of Vinyasa Flow, Yin & Strengthening yoga both live-streamed online and in-person in Green Hammerton, North Yorkshire.  Each of my yoga sessions is set to a personally hand-picked modern soundtrack - expect anything from Fleetwood Mac to MC Yogi - bringing you the right energy to your practice and plentiful good vibes!

I look forward to seeing you on your mat soon

& I am excited to be a part of your yoga journey!


              Ria x

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Yoga is an internal practice

- the rest is just circus

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

When I was first introduced to yoga, I thought that it was all about the physical shapes; a fitness class for becoming more physically flexible and strong.  Whilst going through a difficult time in my home life, I turned to exercise as a form of escape and began a regular practice.  Something unexpected happened - something ‘clicked’.  I realised that yoga was bringing me flexibility and strength in my mind, not just giving me more flexibility and strength in my body!  This was so much more powerful and transformative than I could have ever imagined and my love affair with magical yoga had begun.


"Ria has reignited my love of yoga"